7 Useful iPhone Tips You Might Not Know

So you are now using an iPhone using a year and thinks that you've installed everything? Do not believe so much. We have collected 7 tricks to make sure the most experienced iPhone user is also likely to learn something new.

7 Useful iPhone Tips You Might Not Know

1. Reopen the last closed Safari tab - In Safari, if you press the "+" button at the bottom of the display, you can re-open the tabs you've recently closed.

2. Set music timer - Want to listen to music while sleeping but want to close after set time? In the clock app, scroll to the end of "Timer" and select "Run Selection." The timer runs out when he stops your music.

3. Move multiple applications- When you press apps on your Home screen, if you press someone, scare it a bit and then tip others when you first take it, you can group them all Are there

4. 3D Touch for Folder Notifications - Is there a group of apps in folders? If you have a small red badge of your folders, you can press the 3D on the folder to see which app appears in the app.

5. Access Simple Settings - Want to get instant messages in an app and settings like messages? The tour is called just "layout" and it will be opened correctly.

6. Cinema song history - In the iTunes Store app, you can get a list of all the songs that you have identified as law. Just tap the three line icon at the top of the display and then select "Siri".

7. PasswordPack Code Lock Lock - Apple does not give you password to individual apps, but is a screen-time aspect. In the Settings app's screenshot section, select "App limits" and "set up 1 minute timer on all apps and categories." "Always allowed," add apps that do not want to lock you, and the rest of the screen time will need a password.

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