AT&T Sets Mobile 5G Launch Date Reveals Pricing?

AT&T Sets Mobile 5G Launch Date Reveals Pricing?

AT&T revealed that it has been planned to speed up its mobile 5G network faster than 2019, because it announced that December 21, the launch of a commercial service offer is started. Will be

Operator's opening gambling service offers "Hot Business and Consumer Users" through Netgear developed through a Hot Spot device. This will be offered at an extra cost for at least three months: After this, consumers will pay $ 499 an extra fee for the device, including 15 GB data provider every month service plan. $ 70

AT&T said that customers will not have to sign up for the annual tariff.

Commercial offer is in a few days while AT and T said that its 3GPP quality network is now in selected areas of 12 cities, under which plans to add more than seven services in the first half of 2019 Is the place

Our beginning
In a statement, the operator launched this "initial start" launch, but CTO Irish Futsch said it would "make it very fast" in the coming months, adding that the service "Mobile 5G era away The taste ".

Improvement of pipeline, enhancing coverage, data rate and available devices.

Although service consumers and businesses are being offered, AT and TV Business CMO, Kuttebba said the operator is expected that "initial customers will promote innovative and business."

"What we think is their point of view, such as a technology revolution, as we have never seen before."

AT and T will initially offer 5G in Atlanta, Georgia. Charlotte and Relib, North Carolina; Indipulus, Indiana; Jacksonville; Florida; Louisville, Kentucky; New Orleans, Louisiana; Oklahoma City; Oklahoma; and Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Vico, Texas.

Additional cities planning for the H1 2019 are Las Vegas, Nevada.(- NashvilleTennessees
Orlando Florida, and Los, Angeles, San Diego,  San Francisco, and San Jose California,

Though AT and T initially using the M.Waveway spectrum, Gordon Mansfield, VP of Variable Access and Device Technology, earlier said this month, the operator significantly reached its 5G service until the end of 2019. As compared to the intention to add sub 6 gigt spectrum.

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