Can we really delete Facebook?

Can we really delete Facebook?

Last week WhatsApp co-founder Brian Actons advised the online community that, according to him, it’s time to delete Facebook. Actons suggested on his Twitter that “It is time” for Facebook users to quit the network along with the hashtag #deletefacebook.
The reason behind his tweet was unknown, but many have actually supported this “movement” after the recent data privacy scandal. Soon after, Elon Musk joined the discussion and responded to Acton’s tweet with a question – “What’s Facebook?” , suggestings that he has already forgotten about the popular social network. Although Musk’s relationship with Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg was always a bit rocky, his “unawareness” of this social network got people talking.
After the news broke that our personals data isn’t safe with Facebook, users started wondering if they should still keep their profiles active. Dealing with any type of data security breach is never easy, especially when sensitive and personal information is at risk, so it is understandable that the world wondering whether to delete Facebook.
So, while major tech critics and long-time Facebook user are considering leaving one of the most popular social networks, the real question is – can we actually delete Facebook? To some, life without Facebook might seem impossible, but deleting our accounts might come to us more naturally than we could ever imagine.

Life without Facebook

Let’s take a moment and imagines the world without Facebook. Now, we are not talking about just deactivating your account. There are a lot of users who’ve decided to leave Facebook community years ago, explaining they simply did not find it attractive anymore.
On the other hand, there are people who never joined Facebook, so they do not even have to think about goodbye. But, is actually actually deleting Facebook from the face of the earth? And if it is,

then how do we forget about it only?

Instead of getting rid of Candy Crush Invitations, the decision to remove Facebook will be much higher. As one of the most popular social networks, Facebook is the place to connect with your friends and family. It is that you share your favorite memories and connect to the people living on the other part of the world. At least, this is what was used.
When you really think about it, on-day-day day messaging, photo and video sharing and advertising come on. Many and many ads, in different sizes and formats. Videos, Sponsored Posts, Free EBooks and Web Sign-ups. Facebook became the main social media channel where you can depend on your business and promote your products and services. In many years, paid content changed fun and creative content, through which users were shared with the close circle of their friends.

Is the world ready for Facebook to end?

Although small businesses, a large number of businesses and brands depend on the lot of social media advertising and Facebook marketing campaigns, most of them scandalize their profiles recently. In addition, despite being the most popular social network among the advertisers, the popularity of Facebook has decreased at the time. This was mostly due to the fact that timeline is crowded with sponsored posts, ads and sign-up forms.
If we remove sponsored content, we have left everything, there are one or two funny memories as well as various enthusiasts and efficient videos. It seems that people do not "social" and want to remember on Facebook as it was previously in the past. So, maybe we're already on Facebook and everything that keeps us back is a strange habit of scrolling our feed on our way to work.
However, if you are thinking about thinking about doing well, do not change it with just one addictive app. To start using Instagram, twitter or any other social network as soon as possible, stop and think for a moment. Perhaps we need this leak and the need to be subordinate to the data so that our social time is actually socially spent.

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