How To Download Install TutuApp Vip and TweakBox iOS 12.2-12.1.4

How To Download Install TutuApp Vip and TweakBox iOS 12.2-12.1.4
In this guide, I really want to meet two things together. I'll tell you how to download a popup and how to download a Toyota box IOS 12 in your Apple device. These are the essential applications in your Apple device. It allows you to download applications that you do not want Apple or you will not be allowed to keep it in your device.
Both are absolutely free and both are included in the article that you can install. Because some applications that are not available in one of these, you will take it to each other.
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This application allows you to download apps paid for free. Allows you to download Plus Plus apps and Cydia apps like a movie box. You have a ton of stuff to download in towop

1- How to install a Twitter app

Step 1:

Go to the tutuapp vip official website, click on this link, then click on the green install button to install the button after the site is loaded. Then it will open a popup on the Install button and start installing the Tattooed Wip on your Home screen. Minimize the browser to look at installing.

Step 2:

after the installation is complete, try opening it and will not do it. To use it, click Settings-> General-> Profile and Device Management and Twitter Wipe. It is perfect to trust this application. Then it will work fine, Tutuapp ios is a new look because it was earlier in iOS but it has been visible for iOS 12.

Step 3:

Use applications to download, as I mentioned earlier that you can download Cydia apps like movie boxes, plus-plus apps and paid-for-apps. There are different sections you can go for for what you are looking for.

In this way you install a tutorial on your device. Your Apple Toolbox is a section to install a tie box box.

2-tike box

Tweakbox is the application that allows you to download those applications that you do not want Apple to apple in your Apple device. You can download the Electro Gel on it. You can download a movie box and you can also set a group of applications. So it's an essential application in your Apple device. This is a free application, so you'll have to face multiple ads

How To Install the Tik Box Box app

Step 1:

First of all, you need to go to the official website of the Ti Box Box app to install it. Click on this link to go there.

Step 2:

Click on the 'Download the Download App' button, a popup will be asked to allow, tap on the permission and you will be instructed in your settings where you will install the tweakbox app. Click to install on the top corner of your device. If your device has a code, clicking Installing will ask you to enter the code and click to install one more time.

Step 3:

After this head on your home screen, the Tyco box box is available for use. There are four key sections in the Tobacco box, including game TV emulator applications like GB.

App Store Apps

Tike box box apps

Tweaked apps

Hack Games

In this way you can install a tiking box and a tattoo in your Apple device and enjoy the applications that apples usually do not allow you to install which includes paid applications.

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