SEO rating and site speed improve this year

SEO rating and site speed improve this year

This can happen on the same day when the SEO was a matter of filling the keywords to optimize your website and adding snazzy meta titles and descriptions to your blogs.

Today, SEO is the fastest aspect of online marketing. The latest SEO algorithm will be very upset with the changes, and you will risk the top-page website ranking you've encountered.

So you should asks yourself: "What latest SEO techniques should you use to improves your site speed and SEO rating?"

We find this simple guide of SEO strategies and tools at the top.


With every search engine algorithm update, turn on SEO tables, and become 'best practices' today's ineffective. You should keep in mind some strategies here to improve SEO rating.

Put focus on topics, not keywords

At the top syrup positions of your blog or website, content is not expected to focus solely on keywords.

You need to think out of keywords. You need to focus on topics that match the best of your target audience. For this, you will need to ensure a detailed study of your buyer or customer's person. Understand how they think, what they find, and better to improve them.

For example, take keywords 'cleaner'. Find a simple and you will find content around professional cleaners, advanced carpet cleaners (products), or short TV shows from the same title. In short, you have to make sure you use keyword around certain content and themes to find your content and advanced in search results.

Do not ignore the local SEO

SEO has gone to local and web sites and bloggers who ignore the fact that they will only go to lower guard positions. It is important that you think of local SEO ratings very carefully.

If you have a physical retail store and want customers to do it directly, the presence of a strong local SEO in your presence will really go a long way. A customer such as a restaurant, gift shop, or health clinic can get more fun through local customer reviews, Google My Business presence, and local math titles and interpretations among others.

Another advantage is to adopt your local SEO: your location is dominant in Search Engine results. By using specific long tail keywords, you can benefit from lower competition in results of location results.

Guest posting is still effective

I'm sure you've heard how guest posting is a history practice. But let me assure you - it's not. There has been a lot of negative reputation due to guest posting because association with spam links and unreadly written content is due.

Since Google helps the original content, guest posting is a tremendous strategy for a long run SEO. Key insight value is to provide, there is not a terrible way to get backup links.

Find a good theme to give you the cost of writing and readers. More content is focused on the fact and quality, others have more the opportunity to maximize your links on the site.

Customizable for mobile using MMP

If you have been fast with Google's latest algorithm update, you find that the search is faster and more important on mobile-optimized websites. Speed ​​is a key key metric to display web site on mobile devices.

While the speed for the SEO rating purposes is very important, it was just to see the desktop. Now it's spread in mobile, you need to be on the ball whether your website will really load faster on mobile.

A great way to improve site speed for mobile is using AMP (high speed mobile pages). Although it's been up to two years, it's still new. Ideally, your website should be able to load within 2 seconds on mobile devices.

Sort Out 404 Errors

This can not be a brand new SEO strategy, but you might wonder how many 404 errors appear on their websites. As a result, websites are missing serious search engine real estate. So find and fix broken or missing links on blogs or websites.

404 is a good way to check the number of page views on the links and solve the URL by adding a URL as a second dimension. In this way, you will be able to recover any lost traffic from the pages.

Select the "Fast" hosting provider

Improving your SEO rating is basically going back; Select Quality Website Hosting Provider. With the latest innovation in hosting the technology, you can select a managed cloud hosting provider for WordPress, Drupal, or PHP, such as cloud will give you the ultimate edge. All quality hosting solutions prefer page load speed on other factors to ensure smooth user experience.


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