The psychology behind Instagram popularity

The psychology behind Instagram popularity

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Psychology behind Instagram popularity
Eight years ago photography giant integrated integration was released on the world. The app, which allows its users to share photos and videos with strangers, families and strangers worldwide, has accumulated a billion users fast, the top social network on the planet. Why to make working applications but why is Instagram very popular? It has to do with many human psychology.

Self-determination (i.e.) optimization

The desire to get the right; to fulfill the drive for self-determination and creative expression, it was suggested that in 1943 as the basic human necessity of Abraham's innocence. Creating and retaining a connected account is a material process. Personality; They can decide which photos to post (and do not post), which they need to follow, and they like photos.

Users are able to increase the network with other people liked and related, positive self-confidence by selecting another person (such as fitness devil, animal lovers or a global lovers or artists). According to other basic requirements) and creative expression. Integration gives young youth the opportunity to experience this time and then select an identity when many people are trying to get them out.

However, external authentication and selection are required, as it may be inevitable. Instagrams should not be replaced by a healthy, balanced real (and social)!

Humans are visual creatures

Most of the instability of the institute is that human beings are visual creatures and to overcome the pictures of the world, these instagram has provided us an easy way to use many people in short time. We are only ready to visualize visual information faster than other data (60,000 times faster in text, in fact!).

The importance of a good visual image can not be understood; The effect of enhancing the image is a major impact on which the image is received, how much they pay and it goes wireless. This study shows that images that control cool colors like Blue, are more saturated than that, include background and less powerful colors.

This is a sex thing

There are some evidence to promote gender differences in the use of teachers, 58% of women are reporting these women. There are numerous subjects about the teacher, Gothic-based architectural, Anamamine, perhaps smooth smooth bowl, is known as the female and the New York fashion model.

The majority of traditional beauty and lifestyle trends focus on the majority of the internal pressure of the app on 'filtering', which is more important than men due to this division.

Infrastructure Source

Teachers have emphasized on beauty, make-up and fashion, over time, to promote the benefits of brands and business naturally, which are very beneficial for your marketing ability. Integration has provided wide access to social media platforms and the highest engagement rate brand. The power of a visual image is very valuable in marketing, thousands of people are more effective in brand engagement than using your product or viewing these effects.

There are several factors involved in the effectiveness of the effectiveness of marketing. The effect of Robert B. Sydney's book: Psychology offers six: stability, selection, social proof, satisfaction, reduction and authority. The concept of social proof indicates that the effect of your product contribution is giving a lot of social evidence that this product is valuable and valuable, so its prospects increase their inspiration followers of the value of this product. Will also appreciate.

Why we use Instagram to better understand better psychology, we can not only monitor effective marketing guests, but we are able to get insight into our positive and negative behavior and our happiness and prosperity. Make the necessary needs to improve.

Encourage checking or cat images to scroll a lot (o, dominine!) May be a drug which is probably notable.

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