What is to do if Air Drop is not working on iPhone 8?

Air IP device finds an important part in data sharing. With Air Drop, you can share your photos, videos, documents, and instantly more with iOS users around you. But when you move the files from Mac to iPhone, or between the iphone with Airdrop, you might have a problem with "Do Not Draw Air". Please do not worry! Here are some tips that can help you easily and effectively solve the problem.

What is to do if Air Drop is not working on iPhone 8?

1. Restart your phone
Sometimes you can fix minor system errors and errors to resume your iPhone. To restart iPhone 8, please take easy steps.

One. Press the Power button on your phone and click on it until the display appears on Slide Power Power.

B. Swipe left on the right red icon to close your iPhone.

C. After a minute, the Apple logo appears in the center of the screen until you press and hold the powerful button again.

2. Change the Bluetooth and WiFi and then re-enter

Sometimes, to remove Bluetooth and WiFi and then you will get fresh connectivity between your iPhone and other device.

3. Close your private hip on your phone

If you change your private hip on your phone, you will not be able to use other wireless features such as air drops. So please check carefully whether or not it is active. If so, please close it.

4. Update to update

If your iOS version is out of date, there will be some bugs with the iOS operating system. Therefore, to resolve your problem, you can try updating the latest version of iOS.

5. Another device

If you have a problem, you can try some device modes, such as 3 devices. In addition, you can transfer songs, songs, songs, contacts, and other files between the two iOS devices between Mac and iOS devices.
What is to do if Air Drop is not working on iPhone 8?

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